IBZ Yacht Services strongly enforces the protection of the Posidonia.

The seagrass has been developing for hundreds of thousands of years and it is up to us, with your help, to continue protecting it for the future.

Just by throwing liquids overboard means that you are changing the chemicals of the water.

Dropping the Yachts anchor within the protected zone also means that the seagrass will be damaged and if ever recovered, will be a slow process. 


At IBZ Yacht Services we will not only help you find the best and safest locations to anchor but we can also provide a waste disposal service whilst on anchor.


Help us protect the environment by following some of our simple tips:

- Be aware of the protected areas

- Take care when using the anchor

- Keep waste on board whilst sailing

- Take caution whilst bunkering

- Do not 'feed' the animals - this causes pollution to their habitat


View our map for safe locations:

Safe anchoring with IBZ Yacht Services


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